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to engage in unprotected sex with a female.
I didn't bring a condom tonight so she let me go skinny.
by Dirty Rotten Radio December 02, 2010
1 9
To be sexually frustrated due to hormonal imbalance leading to very aggressive animal like behavior and humping everything that comes in front of it!!
Dude, I jus saw a skinny man!! Pretty freaed out.

Dude, dont be skinnish...!!

aaron is a skinny bastard!!
by generalsimba February 06, 2010
2 14
Somalians and/or Somalian immigrants. Derives from the fact that Somalia is famous for starvation, poverty, etc.
-Who's rollin in that Metro with "Somalia" across the windshield?

Oh, that's the skinny down the street.
by Uncle Wally September 27, 2006
26 39
The state of someone when they could hula hoop with a cheerio.
She is so skinny she could probably hula hoop with a cheerio.
by TRIzzzo April 12, 2006
61 74
1)An amount that is deemed insufficient
2)Something that is of poor quality
1)There is a skinny amount of weed in this spliff
2)That movie was skinny
by Drew1999 February 11, 2007
11 25
The computer controlled players in old school (Atari, Intlevision Original NES etc) games, particularly sports.
I can't believe the skinny caught me from behind on the one yard line.
by Jason May 21, 2004
10 25
A cigarette
lets go smoke a skinny
i could go for a skinny right now!
by Drew wahlgren May 07, 2004
20 36