everyone chick wants to fucking be skinny
no one will deny it
it makes you feel great
and everyone will compliment you
you'll feel like a queen

but don't be a stupid ass retard
and develop a disorder, i use to be this
way and whenever i was starving i'd love
it because i felt skinny, but no really
it helps and is way more effective if
you're doing cardio and pilates, you'd
build strength and your muscles come out
more and plus you're not tierd and weak
all the time, so don't be fukcing stupid

go fucking work out, and sweat, and if
you're a fatass who cant do that much and
its already too late, then be happy with
yourself and don't make being skinny and
beautiful YOUR LIFE, be fucking confident
im not skinny BECAUSE im 5'2 and 124lbs,
by fuckinflictions September 27, 2008
A term used for somlians aka somalis, founded in world war 2. Used now in ottawa.
Ned:"Sir i have located 10 skinnys near the base"
Shooter:"Blow them skinnys
by Rey March 20, 2005
skinny - (compound noun/verb)

to make someone or something skinny over the period of nine months. Till the point that this person becomes so skinny that their body can no longer support the pressure of the Earths atmosphere which leads to the implouding of thy said skull crevices.
"i forbid you from skinny-ing your babies!"
by Susan Fitzgibson October 21, 2011
Thin, pocket-sized and pocket-shaped bottle of liquor, meant to be carried and used discreetly. Their size is no larger than 375ml, or half a fifth.
I carry a skinny of whiskey in my coat to Irish up my coffee in the morning.
by Boyole October 05, 2006
A small chew to be taken during school. Contrast to the fatty.
Dude gimme a chaw, but just a skinny.
by Bubnasty January 25, 2008
someone who pussies out at a party and doesn't go hard. skinny is also synonymous with the tern "lightweight", meaning someone who cannot drink a lot and boots prematurely.
"he had like 3 beers and then booted all over her tits... What a fucking skinny."

"chug. chug. chug. chug. is that all you got? you skinny bitch."

"pound that loko skinny! you wont!"

"hayden arnot"
by ellamspittn November 13, 2011
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