the word skinny only has one definition: to weigh less than average.

but over time it has come to have many definitions.

1) skinny - a word describing what most girls think is perfection.

2) skinny - a word describing girls who have nice bodies and let it get to their heads.

3) skinny - a word used as an insult for girls who naturally have high metabolism and can't help that they can't gain weight.

but really "skinny" is just a word describing a body type. and yes it is healthier to be skinny, and skinnier people live longer, but everyone has nice features no matter their body type.
just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm better than anyone else.
by cecepauline June 08, 2014
For girls; A gap between your thighs, collar bones showing, rib cage showing, hip bones out, and a flat stomach.
I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see a skinny girl, I want that.
by hopefully_cruel January 13, 2013
a nick-name for a kid that ironically isn't so skinny..
hey look there is Skinny!!!!" "he's not even skinny....
by yourmama9292 July 11, 2011
exercise you do while riding a bike. you suck in your gut ~creates a flat abdominal area without sit ups .
want a 8pack? do your skinnies while riding your bike...suck it in
by agent of social change April 06, 2012
Slang for a street person of questionable character such as a junkie, a drunk, a drug dealer, a thief or a mugger. Opposite of heavy. (UK Slang)
Watch out, that skinny is about to hit you up for change.
by will-88 December 04, 2008
going naked or topless surreptitiously in a area not approved for nudism, esp. for recreational purposes rather than only copulation or sunbathing
We hiked for several hours into a hard-to-reach area and set up camp. We went skinny for the remainder of the day, which made it a little hard to keep our hands off each other.
by Shon Wan! April 18, 2014
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