Thin, Lacking fat, many girls want to be skinny.
I'm skinny, but its natural. I have a really high metabolism. I really don't like being skinny because some people think I have an eating disorder, or if they're jealous they are mean to me about it. "Why are you so scrawny?" "OMG, you're looks look like sticks, I could just break them." WELL, I actually eat a lot, and I play basketball and soccer, and I WISH I wasn't as skinny as I am.
by randomgirl23 January 20, 2013
The common word for skinny jeans! Usually what emos/punks/scenes/indies use when referinng to the skinny jeans!
"Im going to wear my skinnys!"
by indiechick August 27, 2007
The opposite of a furry. Some animals like to dress up as people and have sex with each other, sometimes this causes confusion.


Girl: Ohmigawd am I blowing a bear?


Guy: Furries are disgusting

Guy 2: Not as bad as a skinny

Guy: What dat?

Guy 2: It's an animal dressing up like a man to have sex

Guy: That sounds pretty bad

Guy 2: Well even that isn't as bad as a skinny dressing up like a furry, but then it just gets confusing.
by penguinporkchop April 26, 2010
Slender, sarcastic reference to a 250-pounder
Ed Manning is a pretty skinny kid

You're skinnier than Ed Manning
by KFK November 09, 2006
(adj.) Having a lower amount of bady fat than the average in whatever country or province you happen to be in. Many women and tenage girls envy this quality, maybe because of the many problems that can be caused by being overweight and the increase in overweight and obese population in the world.
People who are 'skinny' are sometimes frowned upon. Girls who come naturally with this trait, probably by way of a high metabolism, are normally rather proud.
Needless to say, more extreme versions of this trait are dangerous and unhealthy.
Crazy teenage guy #1 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: Dude, that girl is so skinny!

Crazy teenage guy #2 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: Yeah. I bet she's anorexic or summit.

*Teenage girl approaches guys*

Teenage girl: I'm sick and tired of you stupid jerks insulting me every day because of my weight! I know I'm underweight and I've increased my calorie intake so you two can just shut the **** up!

*Girl runs away in a fury*

Crazy teenage guy #2 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: ...did that just happen?

Crazy teenage guy #1 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: No, man. Hey, let's go get wasted!
by Kazyan October 20, 2006
Something many of us girls want to be so badly, so we get to the point were we go crazy with this desire to be skinny and practically starve ourselves, throw up everything, or harshly diet :/
AND something many people are with high metabolisms.
''Whoaaa, she's skinny!''.
by skinnychick August 21, 2011
Slang used in Robert Heinlein's classic Novel Starship Troopers (First published in 1959) to describe enemy aliens that were human like but thin and about 8 feet tall.

The novel is read and held in high regard by many soldiers. The term "skinny" is most popular for its usage in Mark Bowden's best selling book and later movie, Black Hawk Down. The Rangers referred to the Somalis as "skinnys" because they had read Starship Troopers.
A single squad of Rasczak's Roughnecks hits a Skinny colony.
by Chuck July 06, 2004

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