A body type common outside of America, Germany, and China, as it is a type of beauty underappreciated by the people of these countries -- particularly America, where slim people of either sex are perceived as ill (presumably to make the fat people feel better) and slim males are perceived as lacking masculinity and suspected to be homosexual.

In countries such Japan, France, and Sweden, however, thin people are more well-accepted and appreciated without carrying a social stigma.

'Oh my God, you are so skinny. You need to put some meat on those bones, hun. Are you anorexic or something?'

'No. Fuck you, lardchugger.'
by Kyle Lees February 20, 2006
Skinnies are defined as millita forces hailing from an impovished nation
Was originaly used to describe people in Somallia in "Black Hawk Down" but has also extended to other regions of conflict.

Also used in Multiplayer Games, such as Command and Conquer: Generals, to describe the Terrorist teams
"Skinnies, comming into the left-hand side of your base!"
"Don't worry, Pathfinders have them pinned."
by AzraelDA November 23, 2004
U.S. Marine Corps and Navy term for information. It is an old term dating back to pre WW-ll. It derives it's name from the onion skin type paper that the military would copy their orders on. It was almost translucent and looked and felt very much like onion skin.
Hey Sarge; what's the skinny on us going to Iraq?
by superyouper January 30, 2006
Slang term used by American forces in the horn of Africa to describe the African soldiers who are much thinner than Americans.
The skinnies in Djibouti were a lot better on the nose than the smellies in Bahrain.
by quick_flex October 28, 2007
The incredibly tight jean those "trendy" kids wear in a whole assortment of different colors, most notably purple.
-I've got half the rainbow

-In what?
-In skinnies...duh
by Stauder May 07, 2009
what all guys are and what all girls want to be. not a fantasy, when you can hold it in your hands it's like liquid gold.
i wish i were skinny! again
by notskinny March 19, 2009
Thin, Lacking fat, many girls want to be skinny.
I'm skinny, but its natural. I have a really high metabolism. I really don't like being skinny because some people think I have an eating disorder, or if they're jealous they are mean to me about it. "Why are you so scrawny?" "OMG, you're looks look like sticks, I could just break them." WELL, I actually eat a lot, and I play basketball and soccer, and I WISH I wasn't as skinny as I am.
by randomgirl23 January 20, 2013
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