not all white girls think skinny is not a asian/black but some people think different. Somebody typed in i think "white girls cant get it right". that wuz kinda mean...anyways Skinny is well being thin. i really dont prefer skinny actually, i prefer medium. not skinny. not fat. Skinny can look kinda ugly. most skinny girls have no butts and most guys dont like flat asses. super skinny legs is not attractive either. i am not being mean..cuz i have skinny legs :-((( i dont really like it cuz when i wear jeans they look like i have chicken legs. :(((( but some skinny girls are attractive. so my point is. some skinny girls are unattractive and some skinny girls can be attractive. i am saying this because almost every female wants to be skinny!
Shirley:I love being skinny. Skinny makes me feel sexy and hot.
Lisa: I dont like being skinny. I prefer thick and lucious but not fat.
by Layloni March 22, 2006
Top Definition
Something a lot of girls want to be, also known as perfection. No matter how thin some girls get, they will never be happy with their weight. The quest for "skinny" causes many problems like anorexia or bulemia. Of course, when thinness comes naturally, the girls who possess it get cocky and let their egos grow bigger than necessary.

To be more exact, to be skinny is to lack fat, bulk or to weigh or appear to weigh less than average. This does not make a person worth less or more!! Word up, kiddies!
"Oh my GOD! I am SO skinny!! Yes, you are skinny too, just not as skinny as me! Oh, I love being skinny! That means I am healthier, prettier and more attractive than you! Go throw up in a toilet, now!"
by Shameless Plug January 04, 2004
a word that should not be confused with 'rail-thin'. compared to all the 'average size' today, anyone whose normal and fit appear to be thinner to others than they really are.
if fat doesn't mean obese, skinny doesn't mean anorexic thin, kthx
by knfueg August 18, 2005
whether people like it or not, some people are NATURALLY skinny! yes, it is true. and also, just because skinniness comes naturally to some people, NOT ALL of us are cocky about it. its bigger people letting their jealousy get the better of them. just because you have more meat on your bones, it doesn't make you any better than people who aren't as meaty. its about time people stopped spitting thair dummy out and acting like kids in a tantrum when they see someone thinner than they are.
jealous overweight girl- "i hate that there are people in this world thinner than me :( its NOT FAIR!! it makes me feel fat, so instead of us dieting, skinny people should beef up!" um... yeah
by Kels.......* September 27, 2007
the scoop, what's up
What's the skinny on your mom? Is she single?
by eric May 24, 2003
"The skinny" is a slang term that refers to inside information. Similar to the "low down".
I've got the skinny on who will win an award this year.
by tra4d May 05, 2005
A word made up by fat people to make them feel normal, and to divert attention away from their overly large Body Mass Index.
Fat bloke: You're a skinny bastard you are.

'Skinny' bloke: Fuck off lard gulper!
by Tim GB 2007 June 15, 2007
A United States Marine Corps term for information.

During world war two until the late 1960's, military orders in the Marine Corps were copied on paper that resembled the skin of an onion. It was extremly thin and fragile, and translucent in appearance.
"What's the skinny on the promotions" said the private
by superyouper October 31, 2005
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