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When someone is naturally skinny and people tell them that they need to eat a cheeseburger. Basically, shaming someone for being skinny because you think that they are choosing to be skinny when in fact they aren't. Often confused with pointing out someone is anorexic. That's different.
"Wow, she needs like a million steaks right now."
"Dude, stop skinny shaming!"
by arblagarbpenguins February 24, 2015
Shaming someone who is naturally thin by always pointing it out, or making little comments based on their weight with the intention of making them feel shameful about their naturally thin size. Often it is done by personal comments and remarks or asking questions about if they diet or go to the gym, when in fact, they are often naturally skinny.
"Look at that girl over there. She's practically a toothpick".
"Oh my god, stop skinny shaming".

"Brrrr it's freezing out here".
"You are so cold because you're so thin".
"Oh shut up, and stop skinny shaming".
by Catlover2312 June 30, 2015
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