skinny jeans are a way of expressing yourslef. alot of kids wear them because it attraccts alot of girls. and its basicly for the style. many peaople think its gay but it reall isnt. and if you have fat legs or a big butt, dont be ashamed. just go for it.
skinny jeans are for girls and guys.
by yaetor October 26, 2007
To all you losers who don't like skinny jeans because you can only afford cheap ass walmart boot cut supposed "jeans":

Skinny jeans look good on guys and girls. Its in style and they just look better then regular jeans. I don't mean for guys to wear absolutely skin tight jeans, but a slimmer fit is always good. And as for girls, you look stupid without skinny jeans.
Don't be stuck in the 90's, wear skinny jeans.
skinny jeans are the way to go
by yessss123 October 24, 2008
Unnecessarily tight pants, generally worn by trendy douchebags.
"Oh God, I love a guy who wears skinny jeans!"
"He looks like a fucking idiot."
by Aaron Fox. July 30, 2008
The most AMAZiNG kind of jeans. They're really T i G H T &&normally worn by emo/scene kids:
Hayy did yooh get those new skinny jeans we saw at the mall yesterday?

i L O V E skinny jeans.
by Jayci December 30, 2007
Fashionable clothing that looks ridiculous on boys, as everyone will realize when the fashion dies.
The boys who wear them don't care how stupid they'll look on pictures of their younger selves when they're older, since they won't have children to be laughed at by, because their skinny jeans made them sterile.
What do skinny jeans even have pockets for?
by m16 June 14, 2007
Skinny jeans are bad for guys. THey are bad because they push a guys balls closer to their body witch in turn heats them up that much more. when the Temp rises the sperm get deformed rendering them useless.

however girls can wear them as much as they want. HAHA!

My emo friend loves skinny jeans.
by cheese fer brains May 05, 2007
A pretty gay new trend in jeans for emos and preps. I suppose it's now "cool" to suffocate your ankles. They're simply jeans that are tight around your calfs and ankles. The only time they're okay is on hot boys and people that actually make their own style out of them. On these people they look pretty steezy, but they are usually only worn by mindless conformists and emo kids. A lot of people think that fat people shouldn't wear skinny jeans, but I don't think they look that bad on them as long as they are proportioned in the right way.
Minless conformist: OMG, I bought these awesome new skinny jeans at Pac Sun yesterday! I got them because everybody has them and I do what they do because I have no personality!

Emo Kid: I got these skinny jeans at Hot Topic yesterday. They're pretty emo, like my soul.

Me: Please die.

I would never be caught dead in skinny jeans.
by Disasterpiece February 19, 2008
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