An alcoholic beverage made from Diet Coke and Vodka. See also: Skinny Black Bitch.
Bartender: Whaddya want?

Drinker: I'm on a diet- I'll have a skinny bitch, please. Make it a double.
by Jonathan in Reseda June 09, 2006
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a bitchy chick who can eat whatever she wants and can still be skinny, but is still concerned about her weight.
Wow! What a skinny bitch!
by peaceoflondon June 01, 2009
a bitch who is skinny
person 1 : she's skinny
person 2 : yeah but she's a bitch
person 3 : that makes her a skinny bitch
by theresa7 June 06, 2007
Definition one: The coolest drink in Sweden right now, consisted of sparkling water, a slice of lime and vodka. Does not taste a bit of vodka and is very skinny.

Definition two: A very thin girl. Who doesnt gain weight even if she eats loads of food, cause she has a very good metabolism or cause she is a bulimic.
That skinny bitch is so drunk even though she only had had one skinny bitch!

Oh, that is becuse she is so skinny, and that drink is loaded with vodka.
by coolbananen February 20, 2011
A female that is stuck-up as hell. She is always caution about what she is wearing, how it looks , and how other ppl see her. This bitch is insecure as hell.
Janet: How do I look in this? what do you think everybody's going to say when they see it?

Monique: Damn, shut the fuck up skinny bitch!!!!!!!!
by BIG BABY October 08, 2006
any person who has .2% body fat, changes their t-shirt when they spill water on it, and can't really swim.
One day we were driving and a skinny bitch picked us up.... nd for sure he was maddd skinny!!!!
by Katti July 17, 2006
A girl who thinks she is better than another girl for no particular reason, and lets the other girl know; has nothing to do with actual waist size.
I'm so tired of being picked on by those skinny bitches.
by ladyscarlet November 24, 2014

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