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the art of rolling up a nice phat joint using rizlas etc.
"Hey man where you at? We're just in the park skinning up a beautiful spliff, u can come down, but it will cost ya"
by Gma June 02, 2005
to apply a custom interface to an object or computer application
I've skinned my mp3 player application
by RN April 07, 2003
The term "skinning" originates in backcountry ski circles and refers to the act of attaching climbing skins to the bottom of alpine skis or splitboards as to allow uphill travel on downhill skis. Once the ascent is complete, the skins are removed before descent.

In matters of the flesh, "skinning" is when sexual partners disrobe and couple to allow skin to skin contact...feels so good...
Kev, what happened with that chick last night after après ski?

Dude, we went back to my place and she told me was a virgin and I thought, “not for long.” Once I got her clothes off and we were skinning, she couldn’t get enough of me. Then I spent the whole night breaking trail in front of the rumford fireplace.
by UrbanDick802 January 21, 2013
The act of taking someone's back pack and turning it inside out so that the exterior fabric is now the interior.
H: "Fuck, Blake skinned my bag."
S: "What's skinning?"
H:"He turned it inside out."
by scs_4 September 24, 2014
to apply a 2d image to a 3d object
I make skins for quake 3!
by penguin October 27, 2002
Skinning is the act of fucking flabby skin as obtained by Hound Dog Syndrome (HDS).
"I was skinning her left breast and I jizzed in her eye so hard she was blind in that eye until noon the next day"
by 1fist2far June 22, 2009
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