Skinka is an icelandic term describing a certain group of girls.

It is a negative word, and one should not be proud to be called a "skinka". But some of these girls are and aim to become one.

Skinka is kinda like a less extreme case of a fjortis and refers only to girls.

Skinka means ham in english and icelanders use that term because the skin of a pearson that has gone to many times to a sun salon is all wrinkled like a ham.

A "skinka" is a girl that is super tanned, with bleached hair and dresses like a skank, showing as much of her boobs and thighs as possible. But that is a bad case.

Skinka is more commonly used when referring to a girl that has too much make up on, like a drag queen, and dresses like she's going to a club in miami when the temperature calls for much warmer clothes.
He only thinks she's hot because he has a thing for skinka's
icelandic: Honum finnst hún bara heit útaf hann fýlar skinkur.

You are such a skinka
ice: Þú ert svo mikil skinka
by Edduz January 12, 2010
Top Definition
Is a girl that over tans, wears to much make up, drinks too much, uses guys for rides, wears a lot of baggy clothes and is basically disgusting. They are usually in denial and don't want to admit to who they really are.
Person # 1 says Hey, look its a skinka
Person# 2 says Ohh, yeah nasty man.

The Skinka says: I ain't no skinka !
by Bleller March 31, 2009
The bald spot on top of a mans head that resembles a yamaka.
Dude! Your skinka is getting bigger.
by JennyPoo November 18, 2014
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