People who are anti peace and are work machines with no respect for the environment
Any Republican

(specifically george bush and his bushies)
by Jonny March 30, 2005
a bunch of faggots. thats it. try to bring your fucked up biggotry to my town, i will blow your fucking head off, you fucking ass-fisting faggots.
me: hey skinhead fucker!
bald faggot: oi! you talking to me?
me: yeah bitch, come get some of my shotgun!
bald faggot: hey! i'll fucki-(gunshots + brains splatering)
me: fucking faggot.
by tha_juggla September 08, 2005
A White-American who doesn't like Blacks or Jews.
The Skinhead said, "I hate anyone that isn't White Protestant"
by Dan August 09, 2003
what all white teenagers should become. They are heroes who are not scared to stand up for their race and way of life. They wont let nigger influences affect their lives like all other white suburban kids do. In a world where white people especialy white kids are embarassed to be white the skinheads are standing up for themselves, their families, their race, and their heritage. WHITE POWER!!!
Im not black, Im white so why should I act black or listen to black rappers and artists? Skinheads are the answer
by Romper Stomp April 19, 2010
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