Skinhead: one with shaven or close cropped hair. Often possessed of racial opinions, but not necessarily racist ( there's a difference between opinion and hatred you know.) most commonly found listening to punk, such as skrewdriver, or dropkickmurphys however also to be found listening to ska, reggae or two tone. Guaranteed to stand up for their beliefs and not back down, resorting to violence whenever necessary ( unless they're a pacifist wuss, when they really just deserve to be stomped upon).
d00d, that skinhead just beat the complete shit out of these little jews, it was so fucking FUNNNYYYY!!!

woah dude, chill, just because i'm a jew doesnt mean.. ARGH ARGH OW OW WOW UGH! *crack* 'woops, didn't mean to break the jews skull... oh well'
by Bane April 06, 2004
A skinhead is not necessarily a racist, infact national socialist skinheads are not necessarily racists. National Socialist skinheads are generally just individuals opposed to drugs, and are proud of who and what they are, They stay true and pure and remember their roots. Some national socialist skins are racist though, and lash out on other races. There are also other various subcultres of skinheads
"That skinhead isn't racist, he's just proud."
by . August 15, 2003
something Americans have taken on board with no respect and tradition to its beginnings,I mean wtf is "claiming" "Freshcut" and bad spelling like "skinbyrd" and continual whining about sharp swazzi and how fucking working class and Irish they are
I've claimed skinhead but Im still a freshcut till I get drilled by me crew,but i'm a sharp not a gash,maybe i'll grow me hair
by pot luck February 16, 2008
foreskin penis skin
rub my skin head
by helen normadine August 11, 2008
A skinhead is a person who holds punk and working class values to heart, and chooses to fight for that right. It began with an offshoot from the rude boy movement, but morphed into a few denominations: Trojan Skins, White Power/Blood and Honour Skins, Anarchist Commie Skins and a few others. Skins have a worldwide reputation for being racist (not always true) and violent(an important, defining aspect), but they're generally ok people if you don't cross them. unless your coloured and you meet a Nazi skin, then your fucked.

Skinhead drees included:

JACKETS: Bomber/flight, donkey jackets
TOPS: Ben Sherman shirts/polo shirts, tight and/or sleeveless t-shirts, possibly with Nazi/B+H or Trojan prints
JEANS: Levi/Wrangler straitlegs, rolled up to show off boots
BOOTS: Docs mostly, laces determine denomination (see, but sometimes work boots or monkey boots. usually steel-capped to aid violence and protect feet. illustrate the working-class ethics of skins.
BRACES: 3/4 inch length, any more is seen to be faking being a skin. again, colours denote denominations.
HAIR: short obviously, between a number 1 and a number 4, but usually a 2 or 3. sometimes kickboxers moheichans are seen (short sides, slightly longer middle), but not often.

skins wear what they wear because its all ideal for fighting and living in shit. ive got a lot of skin friends and they all live in shit flats or squats. skins are categorically working class.

you shouldn't cross the local skins. they will eat you up and spit you out. and the cops will never find your body. if your a proper punk you'll be fine, but watch out if your a little chav/rudie cos they will hurt you.

all in all, dont hate skins cos they're violent and eletist. even the racist ones have good reasons for what they do.
the film Romper Stomper or American History X or related skinhead films
Bands like Skrewdriver
9 times out of 10 there is a skin gang in your town: probably White Power.
"skinhead, skinhead, looking for a fight!"
"skinhead, skinhead, beat you for delight!"
by Trent October 07, 2005
Group of White Extremists who hate gay people and immigrants for the most part. Not all are racist ,but minorities will make up stories about them saying they are pussies since they have never met one in their entire lives. A true skinhead is not racist. A Neo-Nazi is racist, they are not the same however, they just look alike. Don't talk shit about a skinhead unless you aim to do it to their face, cahnces are youve never seen one.
Skin heads hate rednecks so they cant be described as hics.
by judebaker November 12, 2004

A member of the greatest youth culture in world history. Working class individuals who who have pride in their heritage, Country and self. Skinheads have a regimented style of dress that they use as a signifier of both their brotherhood and solidarity with other Skinheads, though it must be noted that any person who puts the fashion style before the outlook/way of life is not a Skinhead but a gimp who should be slapped. Over the years many rediculous attempts to insert bogus values and ideologies have resulted in such psuedo Skinhead (hippie) groups as RASH ("red anarchistador skinheads" also known simply as "the fags") S.H.A.R.P (skinheads against racial prejudice-also known simply as the "ass kissers") GASH (gay aryan skinheads-also known as a complete joke) all three of which have attached themselves to a group of hippie anarchists known around the world as Antifa.
That Skinhead kicked that hippie, pinko in the face with his steel toed boot.
by truth fan June 12, 2009
A maggot from Jersey who thinks jooooo's are out to get him.
Why is gramps a skinhead ma?
by Notaskinhead October 16, 2009

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