A derogatory insult used by some in the furry community to refer to non-furs who aren't nice people
If I ever meet that skinbag Osama Bin Laden face to muzzle, he's in for a good ass kicking.
Top Definition
a man who had not had the pleasure of being circumsized. A man with a lot of extra skin on his penis. Also an insult.
My girl Shaniqua told me that ellis tried to fuck her, he pulled down his pants, and she saw his nasty ass skinbag.

Nick is such a skinbag

by Josh Rozenblat March 23, 2006
Either of two milk-secreting, glandular organs on the chest of a woman; the human mammary gland... also known as SWEET TITTIES
Damn, that girl has some nice skin bags!
by teamboo June 28, 2006
Refers to a friend who never buys his round of drinks, always has an excuse for being short of cash and never pays back what you lend him. The skinbag isn't necessarily a bad guy, they just don't see the fault with their poor cash-etiquette.
Don't invite Matt out tonight, he's a total skinbag.
by Greg May 01, 2004
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