a reply from someone who doesn't have a watch, usually said after someone asks what time it is.
1: Hey, what time is it?
2: (looks at their watchless wrist) It's skin-thirty.
by KRHimself September 30, 2004
Top Definition
1. A hot response from from a macalicious honey when you ask her what time it is? lol in our dreams...

2. Noticeable wrinkles around the eyes and mouth for a thirty-something person. When the signs of aging first start to show on the skin.

3. What time it is when you feel like gettin' your groove on.
1. Joe: Excuse me miss, do you have the time?

Hottie: ha ha, I'm sorry - I didn't see you there; you're cute.

Joe: Oh, sorry... (: (she's hot) So, what time is it.

Hottie: Almost skin-thirty...

2. Ed looked at his wife. They'd been together for almost 15 years since they were high-school sweethearts. Her face showed signs of age. Skin-thirty. lol

3. Pimp 1: Yo, you see that chick over there?

Pimp 2: hahah ya shorty, tryin' to act like she's not lookin' over here?

Pimp 3: Yeah yeah yeah. Well she's about to find out. It's half past skin-thirty by my watch. :D
by mac murphy July 19, 2011
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