Someone who sucks a penis. In other words playin the flute or giving a blowjob. The term "Flute" in skin flute is reffering to someones cock, penis, weiner, pecker, helmet head, dick, disco stick, etc.
Guy 1: That guy named Jordan from the coffee shop is a proffesional skin flute player!

Guy 2: I know yesterday he tried to play my skin flute but i beat his ass.
by Retwiler January 02, 2010
yo schlong muddafucker
hey roy, wut a long skinflute uve got there
by jimizzle kozizzle June 10, 2005
<noun> The penis of a homo sapien
"when emily played the skin flute, she really charmed my snake!"
by FEZ, FA December 11, 2004
Instrument used in Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blew"
"She's a Julliard trained skin flute virtuoso"
by Dick Licke April 28, 2003
Dale bradley sucks at the skin flute just a little bit.
by Jessicahatesskinflutes December 10, 2008
A Penis, in which, the owner sings gracefully while it is being played
When Pick3 plays the skin flute of Lestat, it sounds angelic.
by Jizzy The Kid May 18, 2007
The Skin Flute is a slang term for a male Penis
Skin Flute is just another cute name for the male's penis
by Sammie Blue Eyes October 08, 2009

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