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A tag game played by midwestern rednecks in which the participants, usually quite drunk, run, hop, or stagger after a running girl player who is wearing a halter or bikini top. The winner is the player who catches her and successfully strips her of her top. This may be followed by chugging a beer, fondling the bunny, or both.
On Saturday night, everyone got drunk and played skin the bunny. Sharon enjoyed being the bunny.
#strip game #tag #drinking ames #rabbit chasing #bunny #strip poker
by Nora O'Shaughnessy May 26, 2006
fun phrase said when yout take off your kids clothes for a bath or they need a change. refers to cutting & pulling the fur off a dead rabbit.
It's bath time, honey. skin the bunny
#disrobe #strip down #get naked #take off clothes #bath-time
by dwass51 July 30, 2009
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