An instrument that terrible tweeny-bopper musicians (such as Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers) play a lot.

Sentence: Justin Bieber is an expert at playing the skin flute!
by a niggerdly person February 27, 2011
an insturment that many people enjoy playing. Combine with a tromboner and a sexaphone and you will have the best band in the land.
your grandma plays the skin flute like a pro
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 23, 2013
A mans schlong, wang, dick, penis, pickle, aka, thrombone...which after his woman skillfully blows a magical tune on...rewards them both with some amount of juicy man creme.
Me; I couldn't believe my wife last night! Betty went nuts playing my Skinflute like we were honeymooners again...She was a wild woman! Buddy; She probably went shopping again and you're gonna die when you see the charges. Me; Yea, Betty can shop all she wants if she plays my Skinflute like that 3 times a week!. Buddy; Peggy already blows my Skinflute like a pro...Peggy would have to let me do her in the butt for no-limit shopping. Me; Hey, that's not a bad idea. Betty could blow my Skinflute and then let me do her bunghole. Thanks for the idea!

Skin flute Dick Cock Gristle missle Schlong Man pickle
by BigMonkey June 01, 2013
A "skin flute" is a lesser known euphemism for a "penis." Use of the term "skin flute" is the mark of an obviously hip, knowledgeable individual.
Tom: Dude, that chick totally plays the skin flute.
Dave: And doesn't miss a single beat!
Tom: ..yeah....
by Chieftain November 20, 2006
a slang term meaning penis. Also note that a Skin Flutist is somebody that sucks a lot of penis.
that girl loves skin flutes. she is a real skin flutist
by zack VB June 07, 2013
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