1)A guy or girl who is skilled at picking up the opposite gender. (Similiar to a skux/stud)

2) Has a mastery over a ablilty that is considered awesome.

3) A natural aura that only those who are well known to have

4) The Personification of awesomeness!

Short for skilled or super kill

5) A prettyboy who overdresses for the occasion.

6) Is a pro in the affairs of people.

1)You know, he was repping skillz to all the ladies.

2)...he is skillz on the guitar.

3)Man when i'll be walking into a room the music will go quiet, and everybody will be feeling my skillz.

4)(Embarrising Moment) Hey bro your skillz

5) We had our flad gears when this fella over here came all skillz with his gears.

6)He's skillz bro, he has all the hook-ups.

7)An ability that has been acquired by training

8) is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. ...

9) having or showing or requiring special skill;
"It takes skillz to look the good"
"Only people skillz like that can pull it off"
"I wish I was skillz"
"Did you see him do that backflip? what a skillz"
"only the most skillz gymnasts make an Olympic team";

"a skillz surgeon has many years of training and experience";
"a skillz reconstruction of her damaged elbow";
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by BrightTimez May 11, 2011
Ability to do something extremely wells
I got mad skillz on this set of turn tables
by knowledge March 12, 2003
what an asshole says is skillz is almost always luck
i sunk that 3, i got skillz
#luck #skills #awesomness #skillllzzzz #crapyness
by Blake lombardo May 30, 2008
Skillz; Someone who says they are black, but really half cast. They play RuneScape all day long and steal other peoples bikes and say "It's the familiy tradition".
Wow that kid just did a total skillz on your bike man, bad luck...Maybe you should change your RuneScape password just uncase he skillz' that.
#skillz skils #skils #skls #sk1ll #dan
by FOOFIEFO February 14, 2009
When somebody is so skilled at something they have more than skills, theyz got skillz!
B1: That was the illest beat yo!
B2: What can i say? Iz got skillz!
#ill #beat #skills #yo #skilled
by Blue-J May 17, 2006
Skills so badass and awesome te have a capital KILL and an ironic z for emphasis.
D00d, I can't believe you did that. You have sKILLz with a capital KILL.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
sarcastic exclamation used when one does something decidedly un-skillful or clumsy
*Guy trips and falls on his head*
You: "Skillz."
by EmperorKO February 19, 2003
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