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A person in Runescape, who will rather develop his non-combat skills than killing monsters and raising combat stats all the time.
Lvl 97: Fletching lvl?
Lvl 54: 89
Lvl 97: Whoa! Total lvl?
Lvl 54: 1428 :-)
Lvl 97: Skiller! im only 1213 :S
by Kingsize Kenny December 02, 2006
a Fifa Pro Clubs player who thinks that the game should be played with constant use of skill moves instead of strategy and flair. Usually accompanied by a blue afro and gaudy coloured gloves.
He claims to be a skiller, probably a good reason to avoid having him in your team.
by junk334345 June 08, 2013
A RuneScape player who prefers to train non-combat skills but doesn't neglect to train combat skills - or skills they dislike.
Level 3: I just got my last non-combat to 99! I'm the best skiller now!
Skiller: You're not a real skiller, you have at least 7 skills at level 1.
by 125426 October 07, 2007
the one with the Skills
Master converter.. Ps2/GBA hacker.
Member of the CMP

Skiller quote
“There is only thing in life not to do is give up”
Mirf: Hey skiller can u help me out
Skiller: Sure what ya need .
Mirf: I need to know how to Port
Skiller: your in luck IM workin on a porting Guide on the CMP .. :)
by Skiller January 13, 2005
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