A steezy sport were a dude hits up a slop on two skis and throw shit like rodeo 540's and cork 7's. Its also receives a lot of spit from pussyfucks (snowboarders) even tho we can throw way more than they can...
Dawg Jossi's Sessioning some gnarly shit is pretty fuckin steezy Skiing...oooo ouch and that boarder just got fucked up by that skiier.....ouch!
by STEEZintheBREEZ May 16, 2010
Skiin is a sport that anyone of basic mental and physical capacity can do. Requires high amounts of courage, time, money, and equipment.
Skiing is one of my favorate things to do (asides from good jokes, halo 3 with my friends, and listening to linkin park.)
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
Being done 4 at a time: one from behind, one in the mouth, and one in each hand. The skier leans slightly forward with knees bent, bobbing and working both poles, and gives the impression of someone on the slopes.
The four of us took her on a little ski trip last night.

"I'd rather be skiing"
by BD Mack November 09, 2006
snowboarding for very old people
- Dude, I just saw a skier skiing down a ski slope.
by weeeeeeh flip November 30, 2006
To have sex... Look at all the thrusting skiiers have to do (or is it just me?), isn't it obvious that such a comparison has been drawn?
"I went skiing with Tommy...I stroked his ski pole all night long."
by strazy September 20, 2003
The most gay sport on the planet earth
"man skiing is gay, makes me glad I Snowboard!"
by JCompa October 02, 2006
Peeing on two sticks. In the ocean most commonly
He went skiing
by Thegreatone April 10, 2016
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