To snort two lines of cocaine at a time, one per nostril.
Dude i was skiing last night it was fuckin intense.

pt. Dude skied like 4 times last night... impressive as fuck!
by S3ñ0r Bl@ñc0 May 24, 2010
To play Magic: The Gathering with a group of friends in secret.
Austin, Casey, and Nathan went Skiing last night.
by Secret Sturmgeist December 06, 2011
When a girl with low self-esteem is, not forced, but highly encouraged to give handjobs to two guys on both sides of her at the same time while in the back of a truck. It is to be done in a skiing motion, treating the penis's as if they were ski poles. Usually 1/4 of a beer helps to get the idea sounding like a good one to the "skier." (Sometimes referred to as a "Shann-job").
"Wow, I can't belive she went skiing again! The slopes are busy."
by Phyllis Wheatley November 16, 2009
The act that involves moving to second base, which means a female/male placing both hands on two other males penis's and stroking vigorously until ejaculation occurs. This can be done sitting or standing in any desired position. The harder and faster the action the better the skier.
"I was in a spa and some girl grabbed me and my mates cock's and started skiing"
by Sugardaddyrus November 06, 2007
to try to get with the opposite sex, non-stop "attempts at seduction"
Dude look at that hot chick over there ! I'm going to go skiing!
by whipperdipper August 15, 2010
A awesomly wicked sport that can be dangerous o well though ppl do flips or go like 60 mph in racing
by yankeecandle February 17, 2009
A heterosexual snowsport, often involving laying fatties on the roy and afterbang. Variations can be slaying courses, jibbing the urban scene, hucking cliffs, and smurfing the pow in the backcountry.

**See note of homosexuality at -> snowboarding.**
"Dude, i feel really good when skiing, i have this awesome feeling of heterosexuality."

"Yesterday the pow was so fresh, the gnar called me and i went skiing."
by Archbear December 07, 2009

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