The new sport in the action sports community. Skiing is just as awesome and fun as snowboarding. People who think skiing is for faggots need to grow up.
Person 1: I used to think skiing was totally gay, but then I watched some sweet skiing videos online and I realized that its just as good a snowboarding.
by TheMatT February 28, 2012
the most hardcore and awsome way to get down a hill. Snowboarding is for women.
dude did you see that skiing he is so much more cooler than that snowboard
by john butface October 11, 2009
when a girl gives two handjobs at the same time in an up and down motion (as if she were skiing)
She was really hammered last night, so a friend and I invited her to go skiing.
by J*RusDaddy September 07, 2009
(must be said with airquotes or written with quotes) Code for getting legal pot in Colorado for an out-of-state visitor
Jane: Oh, going to Colorado, eh? What will you be doing there?
Dick: Going "skiing".
Jane: Nice. I wish I could "ski" with you, but I am stuck here, in our lame, conservative state.
by Big Bad D. January 10, 2014
A slang term for a sex position. Just like how skiers attach their skis to their boots or shoes, in this case, the guy would be the ski and the girl will be "skiing" on top of him by attaching herself to his dick then holding on to something while moving in a "skiing" position. The things that skiers hold in their hand are called "poles" so while the girl is doing this, she can hold on to actual poles (being the bed) or the guys arms.
"Gurrrrl, last nite, guess what I did with my bf?" said Meshala. "What did you do gurl?" asked her homegurl Tarnesha. "We were skiing last nite gurl!" "Oh! Where?" "Gurl, not where, on him gurl!" "Oh snap, you betta tell me how to do this gurrrrl!"
by CreativeGurl19 March 08, 2014
The act of delivering dual simultaneous hand-jobs simulating the motions of a cross-country skier. This action is usually performed while ‘Sitting Bitch’ in a pickup truck (front seat center position) but any vehicle with a bench seat will suffice.
The truck driver and his toothless uncle were so pleased with Brian’s ‘Skiing’ that they ‘FingerBlasted’ his ‘Bung Hole’ as a means of saying thank you.

The folks back home told him it was impossible to ski across the Sahara Desert but Brian is the Men’s Freestyle Hand-Job Champion if anyone could do it, He can.
by cRAZY kooT August 29, 2002
To snort two lines of cocaine at a time, one per nostril.
Dude i was skiing last night it was fuckin intense.

pt. Dude skied like 4 times last night... impressive as fuck!
by S3ñ0r Bl@ñc0 May 24, 2010
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