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A skigga is a term used for ciggarettes by myself and ones homies. It originated when one and ones homies were getting high 4 yrs ago. It has lived on till this day and shall be passed through generations of our respective offsprings.
homie 1 - "fancy a skigga?"
homie 2 - "my nigga!"

homie 1 - "wrap a bifta homie!"
homie 2 - "shit, were out of skiggas my nigga!"
by Pbizzle September 30, 2004
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Someone who is half sk8boarder and half wigger. They aren't a true sk8boarder.
Person1: I thought skaters listened to punk music, not rap.
Person2: Thats cuz they are damn skiggaz!
by SwiNgeR July 11, 2003
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