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Shorterned version of Skivies. Underwear
Pete took off my skives, said kelly.
by iThizz June 29, 2006
(v.) to steal
I skifed $50 from my brother.
by sean h. April 24, 2003
word people stole from me
I skifed a gingerale from your mom
by andy July 27, 2003
To take or steal. To acquire in a sneaky manner. To take or steal in a sneak manner.
That dude skifed everyone's Red Bull!

That dude was skiffing everyone's Red Bull!

He skifed my money!

He thought he could skife my money, but he was wrong. ;-)

by Deeku October 20, 2008
To Violently Take Something Without Permission
SKIFE! (Taking a cheesburger)
by Bren April 26, 2003
To bum from, or try to strongarm sale of said item.
(As I am picking up your pack of smokes) Hey yo, can I skife one of these smigs of you?
by Steven M. SykeS February 06, 2004
A type of steak knife used to kill zombies during the rapture.
Dude, I have my skife ready for when the zombies attack.
by Alyssatahlialeah June 10, 2011