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SKIDZ... were pajama-like baggy pants worn in the '80s. They were real popular... like 'Hammer' pants and 'Parachute' pants for 'Breakin' and stuff like that.

they were held up by a drawstring that wasn't that secure... which is probably why they phased out... since pulling someone's pants down in front of everybody is an old pastime in many public schools.
... one triflin' individual wore the same pair of SKIDZ to shoot hoops in, go to school AND to sleep in... without washing them... for 3 days straight...
#baggy #skids #pants #80s #fashion
by Askaree1 June 15, 2010
This is what happens when you don't wipe properly and your underwear slide up and down aginst your butt hole and leaves a brown long stain on your pants,shorts, or underware.
Ewwwww, I was doing my boyfriends laundrey and he had skidz on his underware!
by MarieMontclair May 10, 2005
When the rear tires lose traction, intentionally or unintentionally and result in rubber being laid down and lots of smoke.......
John done a sweet skidz in the VE on LPG hahaha
#burnout #skidz #skids #rubber #donuts
by Alpha_Prophet_Cehp January 18, 2015
being completely controlled by your girlfriend or most cases a guy being completely controlled by his girlfriend.
Damn Nore got the skidz!
#skidz #whipped #skids #pussy #imprisoned
by zsh123 November 04, 2013
Noun. fool, someone who is gross, and any other insult to use when a friend does something stupid/weird.
Friend says something stupid.
You say "Quit being such a skidz".
#skidmark #jason #j #pants of society #fool
by Mewelde Moore November 21, 2008
SKIDZ= Sick Kidz Into Damien Zygote

Meaning: Fans dedicating their lives to spreading the Damien Zygote madness by means of flyers spread, websites written on many places, or random things that come to us in the spur of the moment, Being a skid to me is like finally finding a place that i fit in and am understood. It's all coming together for one main goal and being accepted for what we are and what we do. Finally having somewhere to come to and "belong". Finally having a true home, and family who truly understand what eachother is going through at any given time. Who are willing to help out eachother as well as accept new people into our "family". Who spread the word while opening people's eyes to something so unreal that it blows people's minds, opens up their souls to something beyond simple...beyond the stars. Something Truly Amazing.
The SKIDZ crowded the stage as Damien Performed
#damien #zygote #skidz #skid #music #maine
by a proud SKIDZ July 10, 2008
twonk, smeeeeeeeeeeeg heeeeeeeeead
sam dance, copthorne, w sussex, englnad
by El Presidento January 01, 2004
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