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brown stains in your underpants from having a runny arse, or not wiping correct, or just doing lots of wet farts
when dave got changed for p.e. i noticed he had humungous skids in his trolleys
by kryton August 18, 2003
101 39
Canadian definition: Commonly used to refer to someone who stopped evolving, and bathing, during the 80's hair band era. Generally can be found wearing AC/DC muscle shirts, leather jackets, and sporting a mullet. The term "skid" is in part derived from "skid row", which is both a band enjoyed by those the term refers to, as well as their address. See also white trash and trailer park trash
The skid next door got drunk and beat up his old lady.
by EgoAnt March 15, 2004
565 175
Truely a Canadian definition:
Skids are those dirty bags who hang around in the darkest, dirtiest corners of the school raving about who they want to kill the most because they cant fit into society. Although the acronym may lead some to believe they are truely street kids, skids have homes and most likely families to go home to so choosing to be nasty is their own fault.
Hey, Johnny, I heard that fat slob skid over there wants to kill you, I think he's also the one that slashed your tires cause everything you have is better than his.
by MseatonH March 11, 2005
322 182
Brown shit stains on a pair of briefs, or a person who is discovered with(or suspected of having) said marks.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
211 140
Everyone on hackforums.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Hey are you a skid?
Guy 2: Yes I am, cuz I spend my whole life on hackforums

Example 2:
Guy 1: Those people on hackforums are a bunch of skids
by iPodWoman123 October 07, 2012
92 23
Skid: A wana be hacker who pretends to be a anon member. or has a Hack forums profile or SKID Forums and pretends to be the shit
by Encrypters October 10, 2011
92 41
A game played at (usually) all-boys schools in the UK. Players have to pretend to strain as if pooing - the aim to create a skid mark on the trolleys. The loser shits himself - no, in fact all of the players are losers...
A: Fancy a game of skids...
A&B: Ngg-mgg (straining noise)
C,D,E, etc: Eughh you've shit yourself!
by Anon2 July 29, 2006
89 38