A word used to answer a question, to which no one knows the answer.
What is the technical term for cross country Skiing?

by KillBill2303 March 03, 2010
Top Definition
An exclamatory phrase uttered during a time of triumph.
"Skidoosh!" - kung fu panda
by TheFuegoMiester May 27, 2008
When the out come of an event doesn't go according to plan, usually associated with the movement of an object or as an onomatopoeia.
I went to go pull my car over, but it just went skidoosh into the ditch.

He was just walking, and skidoosh.
by Mmog Mmot August 15, 2010
When either you, someone else or an objects moves without intention.
The couch cushions keep skadooshing forward when I try and get comfortable.

I skidooshed down a flight of stairs.

He skidooshed so hard.
by JBKU October 17, 2014
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