Bike gang in New York City
the skidmarks crew will represent at monstertrack
by pd January 25, 2004
A smooth brown mark added to the panties or pants after listening to the latest Reburn and the Skidmarks cd.
hey, i took off the bitched panties and they were fill with chocolaty brown skidmarks!
by Rev ryan September 06, 2003
Skidmarks are usually brown, black and sometimes green, found in many exotic areas such as boxers, briefs, and panties.
You dont have skidmarks, you have the whole runway.
by Phatass September 02, 2003
A Brown crusty trail, remaining in under garments afer a night on the piss. Resemble rubber marks on the road made by a heavy braking car
Whoah...Super skidmarks bro!
by Callum May 15, 2003
Brown racing stripes in tighty whitey underwear
Will Tide get out skidmarks?
by Mike Easter March 15, 2003
The brown track made by the hypothetical 750 cc motorbike with the muddy wheels that lives up your buttcrack, down the rear of your tighty whities.
"Oh no! How did those skidmarks get there?"

"Motorbike came out and went vroooooom, man."
by Colin100 December 01, 2012
Wanna-be burnouts who claims to smoke pot and drink for the sake of looking cool, yet in reality, get ripped off on a daily basis.

Some features include but not limited to:
Throwing up off three or less beers
Throwing up after smoking a dime
Not inhaling when smoking a cigarette
Listening to crappy music
Yo we just made 20 bucks by selling oregano to those skidmarks over there
by Rollman March 01, 2011

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