stains from a nasty pussy fart.
by groucho-marks July 26, 2003
When fecal material protrudes from your rectum and your clothing picks up debris. The term skidmark comes from the resemblance to tire marks on the ground.
Damn B! It smells like shit in here, dawg! I think sumbody just shit theyself or at least lef skidmarks all over they drawls.
by Pengy July 25, 2003
shit that is streeked in ur under wear (a nice line of shit basicly)
by pat grundle February 05, 2003
That thing what happens when your arse goes wrong
"those damn skidmarks"
by Lostnumber January 07, 2007
Bike gang in New York City
the skidmarks crew will represent at monstertrack
by pd January 25, 2004
A smooth brown mark added to the panties or pants after listening to the latest Reburn and the Skidmarks cd.
hey, i took off the bitched panties and they were fill with chocolaty brown skidmarks!
by Rev ryan September 06, 2003
Skidmarks are usually brown, black and sometimes green, found in many exotic areas such as boxers, briefs, and panties.
You dont have skidmarks, you have the whole runway.
by Phatass September 02, 2003

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