shit that is streeked in ur under wear (a nice line of shit basicly)
by pat grundle February 05, 2003
ass plaque
it smells like your breath
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
stains from a nasty pussy fart.
by groucho-marks July 26, 2003
When fecal material protrudes from your rectum and your clothing picks up debris. The term skidmark comes from the resemblance to tire marks on the ground.
Damn B! It smells like shit in here, dawg! I think sumbody just shit theyself or at least lef skidmarks all over they drawls.
by Pengy July 25, 2003
often occur when a young boy is just too darn lazy to take a shit. would rather sit on the couch and watch tv. the outcome is a smelly mark of dookdook on the boys underpants, and often results in an embarrassing permanent stain.
look! billy has skid marks all over his tighty whities!
by dr. draygay July 10, 2008
Skidmarks, are linear shaped stains of fecal residue on the underwear, resulting from temporary efforts to resolve *Sour Ass (look up definition).
Chip had a bad case of Sour Ass, and tried to resolve the condition by digging his hand into his anus from outside of the clothing. When he got home and changed his clothes, he noticed skidmarks on his underwear, in addition to an odor of ass emitting from his fingers.
by Tom Haranger October 31, 2007
That thing what happens when your arse goes wrong
"those damn skidmarks"
by Lostnumber January 07, 2007

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