The lines of poop that are left on the toilet after one flushes and are very hard to clean out.
"Dude, this guy took the biggest crap so I flushed the toilet and their were skid marks left behind!"
"Nasty, dude!"
by rangerstilidie1872 December 05, 2013
A person who acts like a piece of shit. Can be called "Skid" for short.
Did you know that Bob deals? Who cares that kid is such a skidmark.
by Kerry, Worcester, MA April 29, 2011
n. Poo poo stain in the seat of one's underpants.
I don't wipe; I've learned to live with the skid mark.
by The Grammar Nazi December 19, 2001
Something left in ones underwear when their ass goblin doesn't do a good job.
No problem, my ass goblin will take care... aww shit, he aint doing his job!
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
When a guy whips out his cock out of a girls pussy and wipes it on her bare white ass
Girl 1:Hey Sally, how was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl2: It was great until he whipped it out and gave a huge skid-mark!
by bulldog07 May 17, 2006
When a guy pulls his cock out of a bitch's twat and wipes the poo on her ass cheeks.
Girl 1: How was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl 2: It was really great until he pulled it out and gave me a smelly skid-mark.
by bulldog07 May 15, 2006
After you flush poop down the toilet, if there is a streak of shit left over on the bottom.
"You someone left a foot long skid mark after they flushed"
by Skyd K September 30, 2009

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