The lines of poop that are left on the toilet after one flushes and are very hard to clean out.
"Dude, this guy took the biggest crap so I flushed the toilet and their were skid marks left behind!"
"Nasty, dude!"
by rangerstilidie1872 December 05, 2013
A person who acts like a piece of shit. Can be called "Skid" for short.
Did you know that Bob deals? Who cares that kid is such a skidmark.
by Kerry, Worcester, MA April 29, 2011
n. Poo poo stain in the seat of one's underpants.
I don't wipe; I've learned to live with the skid mark.
by The Grammar Nazi December 19, 2001
Shit stains left on the butt area of the underwear.Do to a wet fart,diarrhea,or an incomplete wiping of the butthole after defecation.
The skid marks left on Bob's underwear annoyed Mary who was doing the laundry.
by MmmmdoubleuW May 29, 2015
Something left in ones underwear when their ass goblin doesn't do a good job.
No problem, my ass goblin will take care... aww shit, he aint doing his job!
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
When a guy whips out his cock out of a girls pussy and wipes it on her bare white ass
Girl 1:Hey Sally, how was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl2: It was great until he whipped it out and gave a huge skid-mark!
by bulldog07 May 17, 2006
When a guy pulls his cock out of a bitch's twat and wipes the poo on her ass cheeks.
Girl 1: How was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl 2: It was really great until he pulled it out and gave me a smelly skid-mark.
by bulldog07 May 15, 2006
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