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TV ad that stays onscreen during the entire program.
TV advertisers started with logo bugs, moved on to pharts and then graduated to skidmarks. Next, they'll move the program down to one corner of the screen and run continual ads over the remaining 90%.
by Armand Dillo December 09, 2012
138 22
used to describe the brown marks in unwashed tightey whiteys belonging to someone who just couldnt hold it. or, alternatively, they had an all day wedgie.
Dude! Check out those skid marks! Dad must've had Mexican for lunch today.
by zappafreak May 23, 2004
175 86
Skidmarks are brown streaks left on the porcelain bowl of a toilet when someone takes a big firm dump that rubs the porcelain bowl swirling around until it orients itself for exit down the pipes.
Who left the skidmarks in the shitter!?!
by Jack Meough November 18, 2012
91 6
When soft, still plyable anal dischanrges rub so close to the offenders' undergarments that a fecal stain is left behind. May also occur when the issue is "forced." I.E. Butt picking, massaging of anal irritations, or sloppy wiping techniques. See also "streaks."
Dammit Donnie, the line for the port-o-let was so long I had to rush my post crap rectal cleansing techniques. Now I have smelly 7-1/4 inch skidmarks as a result!
by Jim Stevens January 11, 2004
174 104
1. burnt rubber marks left on tarmac when peeling out with a fast, powerful car
2. poo stains left on underwear when ass is not properly wiped hershey highway
1. That porsche left skid marks on the road.
2. I was taking a shower and noticed skid marks on my underwear.
by Jin Kim April 25, 2003
122 69
encrusted or soft fecal forget-me-nots that are transferred from your anal paintbrush to your underware canvas.
his underware were so bad they had to call the highway patrol to come measure the skidmarks from the accident.
by your mom September 03, 2003
142 92
**Marks on your underwear left by shit, usually permanent. Caused by Sharting (A fart that turns out to be a shit), also caused by photo finish shits, juicy farts, not wiping completely, and most generally crapping your pants.
**Side effect- buying dozens upon dozens of new pairs of underwear.
**Interesting Fact**
Skid Marks are the most permanent thing on this Earth, no matter how much you scrub they stay. No matter how much bleach you dump on your underwear it doesn't even fade.
**Synonym- Racing Stripes
**Dude, did you just shit your pants? You are going to have major skid marks.

**What color where these when you originally bought them?
by Ogrenator April 10, 2008
86 50