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A type of porn in which the two stars engage in intercourse while "hidden" cameras give the illusion of voyeurism.
Dude, did you know that Asheligh from high school got fucked in some skid video?!
by M0re Pr0n January 13, 2005
11 23
verb, to have casual sex, to fuck (may be used with preposition on, as "skid on") (usually has derogatory connotation; not the way you'd refer to sex with someone you cared about)

noun, a person inclined to casual sex, a slut (male or female) (someone who is really successful may be called a skidmaster)
Go away, man, I'm skidding in here!

So, did you skid on that Sarah bitch the other night?

That Kassie is such a wild skid!
by FarmBoy November 17, 2005
7 22
a piece of smooshed turd in the depths of the underpants.
Man hommie You better check have a skid running around in your pants?
by inbred hillbill January 16, 2004
10 28
Pieces of excresion that are forced into the fibres of underwear due to the pressures of the wearer's fat ass. Also known as a skid mark
Jesus Louis, Youv'e skidded up your jocks again! You smell like an obese scottish male stripper!
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
7 27
A person who when farts smells like they shit their pants, yet never claims it was their fart. If you do this action you may just find anti-skid signs in the bathroom.
Person 1:(farts)
Person 2:(smells shit) Do you smell that?It smells like shit!Did you just shit your pants?
Person 1:Nope, i don't smell anything.
Person 1:SKIDS!
4 25
My Dads' Name.
Hey Skid, get in here you mother fucking cock sucker!
by shithole May 12, 2003
10 39