Pieces of excresion that are forced into the fibres of underwear due to the pressures of the wearer's fat ass. Also known as a skid mark
Jesus Louis, Youv'e skidded up your jocks again! You smell like an obese scottish male stripper!
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
A person who when farts smells like they shit their pants, yet never claims it was their fart. If you do this action you may just find anti-skid signs in the bathroom.
Person 1:(farts)
Person 2:(smells shit) Do you smell that?It smells like shit!Did you just shit your pants?
Person 1:Nope, i don't smell anything.
Person 1:SKIDS!
My Dads' Name.
Hey Skid, get in here you mother fucking cock sucker!
by shithole May 12, 2003
a fart
by geezer November 09, 2002
Cool people that are the nicest people who you will ever meet, you just have to give them a chance!!
so they don't look bad.
so they don't look bad.
so they don't look bad.
vso they don't look bad.
vso they don't look bad.
so they don't look bad.
so they don't look bad.
so they don't look bad.
by mujk November 29, 2003
Brown shit stains on a pair of briefs, or a person who is discovered with(or suspected of having) said marks.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
Canadian definition: Commonly used to refer to someone who stopped evolving, and bathing, during the 80's hair band era. Generally can be found wearing AC/DC muscle shirts, leather jackets, and sporting a mullet. The term "skid" is in part derived from "skid row", which is both a band enjoyed by those the term refers to, as well as their address. See also white trash and trailer park trash
The skid next door got drunk and beat up his old lady.
by EgoAnt March 15, 2004

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