Someone who sucks fucking ass and balls at any game.
Eddy SimmZ can't aim for shit yo. What a fucking skid.
by thebest1232344543 July 19, 2008
n. 1. A person whose pettiness causes annoying and unnecessary problems.

2. Someone whose presence is undesirable.
"That guy is a fucking skid. I want him out of my house."
by chamaeleon March 12, 2004
A whore.
A Slut.
Basically discribing anyone by the name tyranna.
Damns Hoe! You smell like fish AND your a skid!
by Samanthaa* September 18, 2007
brown stain inside kecks
I'm washing my knickers, they're full of skid marks
by Anonymous November 10, 2002
When yourself and an individual with whom you are usually friends are in the middle of an argument, or are not speaking to each other.
Lori: Hey, why aren't you talking to Tyler?
Brian: Oh, we are on the skids.
by Hoon35 April 19, 2006
A type of porn in which the two stars engage in intercourse while "hidden" cameras give the illusion of voyeurism.
Dude, did you know that Asheligh from high school got fucked in some skid video?!
by M0re Pr0n January 13, 2005
verb, to have casual sex, to fuck (may be used with preposition on, as "skid on") (usually has derogatory connotation; not the way you'd refer to sex with someone you cared about)

noun, a person inclined to casual sex, a slut (male or female) (someone who is really successful may be called a skidmaster)
Go away, man, I'm skidding in here!

So, did you skid on that Sarah bitch the other night?

That Kassie is such a wild skid!
by FarmBoy November 17, 2005
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