a person whose has no positive qualities, and is horrible at everything he tries, lives by stealing and any attempts to help or offer assistance to this individual is misconstrued and ultimately tries to take the person who offers assistance down with him. Has no money and lies to himself about how things are supposed to work out, with the very far fetched fairytale like stories he tries to make true, even though he ultimately is the ultimate failure.
JAY ZONE- self employed and loving it (translation -self unemployed, stealing and a SKID)
by jayzonethebiggestskidinvancity September 21, 2011
the act of adding "ski'd" on the end of a word, usually a verb, instantly turns it into a fun, and mostly drunk party word.
"i just drank half a gallon of vodka, i'm throwski'd"

"nah man, i've been smoking all day, i'm doneski'd"
"hey hand me a drewski"
by hunts-turk October 31, 2009
A low-life who isn't going anywhere in life and just hacks darts all day
WDHS is full of skids, just go out to the pit
by slutslayer78 January 14, 2015
a person who is a skid mark on the underpants of society, hindering, rather than contributing, to it's advancement.
"I'm so glad that I quit smoking so I don't have to stand outside with all the skids."
by Pigjuice January 09, 2009
In law school, a skid is officially someone without a cell phone. This essentially means that they are on the wrong side of the tracks: you can call and call but there is a train in the way.
Jenn is such a skid.
by Jose Doraz September 26, 2008
Any type of footwear, though usually men's and/or sneakers.
Hey G, where'd you get them fly skids?
by purecoda December 23, 2005
A person who is lieing or is jocking
She is a skid because she is always jocking around.
by Urbanjams February 21, 2015

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