skid row. Can be used to mean the "underground" scene of a city or any and all things that aren't shopping malls and picket fences.
"You grew up and moved on to suburban hell, but we're still playing in the skids."
by anonymous September 22, 2004
Those greasy kids who always come and trash "normal people parties". Often involved with drugs and alcohol and mainly cigarettes. The first step to being a skid is denying the fact you are actually one. The average skid has financial problems and possibly has no parents (which could contribute to skid behavior and lack of parenting). Majority of the skids take public transit or find strange places to hang out at late hours of the night lurking the streets. School is not something a skid enjoys so they either attend under the influence or not at all. The male attire of a skid often includes: white wife beaters or baggy jerseys, with baggy jeans and fake ed hardy. The female attire of a skid often includes: either dressing very slutty/unclassy or dressing very sloppy with dresses that barely pass your ass cheeks or ripped sweatpants with dirty stains all over them and skater shoes. Skids also struggle with hygiene and keep themselves clean. They are one step up from a hobo and like to steal things for money. Skids seem rebellious and wanting to start unnecessary fights, have troubles finding jobs since they are all street rats. Skids tend to travel in packs of 5-6 and carry many STI's. SAY NO TO SKIDS
"That party was so fun, minus the group of skids that showed up"

"Did you see that skid snort that rail of coke?"

"Last night, i picked up a skid since she was down for a one night stand, i banged her and now i have aids".
by LALALALAEWSKIDS July 03, 2011
a word that preps made up to try and degrade the rest of society.

someone who doesnt give a fuck what the hell anyone else has to say about them
"Look at that skid over there.."

by ME MUTHERFUCKRS June 07, 2005
1) Person or persons who feel alienated from a populace's traditional conventions and are comparable to the dark shit-stains on the fetid, off-white underpants of society.

2) The traces of shit in your underwear.

3) The mark one leaves on a tile floor such as linoleum caused by dragging your feet with shoes on.
The corporate business CEO to the union laborers:

"So who are you again?"

"Just a group of skids from the inner-city ghetto looking to take back liberties for our impoverished, exploited comrades in the workplace"
by InSuburbia July 12, 2008
An extremely dirty person. An undesirable.
"I don't want to go to that club. Only skids go there."
by jillibus July 06, 2006
The definition in wich you call people who never buy their own smokes and always steal them from you.

90% of the people who hang out at "the hill" at Foothills Composite High School.
Kid 1 - "Hey, Rick! you goin to the hill at lunch?"

Kid 2 - "Hell no. I'm no skid."
by Salina Rae Swirsky March 08, 2008
to drop a burnout without brakes, also called a powerskid. Act of smoking the tires on a car as long as possible without the application of brakles so it slowly rolls forward. to go further means that your car generally has a great deal more power as it can continually spin without grabbing traction.
ben dropped a massive skid down the front of ur house man
by Sam... July 26, 2006

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