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A motorcycle helmet, usually of the open faced half helmet style, as opposed to the more modern helmets with better coverage and protection. The original skid lids were actual military helmets and the style is still reminiscent of this.
Ya, I should be wearing a full helmet, but my skid lid is cooler, lighter, and gives me a better field of vision. I may end up in a coffin, but at least I don't drive one now, right?
by imsoenthused May 22, 2008
Refers to a Safety Helmet
I threw myself off the Honda Sportsbike at over 100 miles per hour. It's lucky I was wearing a good skid lid otherwise I would have surely hurt my head.
by November 11, 2009
Protective head gear for mentally challenged individuals aka ‘special’ people.
Wow, did you see Jenns new skid lid? It has a special add on feature that catches the drool and saves it in a nifty container!
by Jenni Leigh May 07, 2008
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