ADJECTIVE: This word describes a lowlife, non-bill paying possibly crack or heroin addicted being. It is a word largely used by all New York City members of public service when refering to a perp or dirtbag.
1. Put gloves on, that guys a skell.
2. You can get heppatitis just by LOOKING at that skell.
3. Stop skelling out, that job is in your area.(E.M.S. related).
by southbronxems January 05, 2007
Top Definition
Any lowlife drug addict on welfare. Can usually be found in shit neighborhoods drinking beer all fucking day. Identified by missing teeth, bad skin, being crack-thin (like a skeleton, hence the word: skell), and stinking of booze.
Man, this fuckin' skell asked me for a cigarette. Ugh, he wouldn't stop talkin' to me.
by DoucheFuck September 01, 2003
no good cheap, scumbags. usually dwelling amonst the boston region of new england. they are also known for being skinny, dirty, and cheap, no good, Youkillis-goatee-wearing mother fuckers
look at that filthy skell grubbing money for drugs outside of that irish pub on Commonwealth avenue, wearing his dirty number 20 boston jersey.
by sdino27 July 17, 2009
A jobless, worthless, drug using, wellfare ridden scumbag, usually found in New Britain, Ct.
James is a no good skell.
by laZfireman April 07, 2008
1. a piece of shit
2. a feen
Look at that nasty skell trying to rob people in order to buy a 50 piece.
by Alz February 26, 2005
anyone that is apart of the "zoo" (see zoo) at Flagler college. they typically hang out on the third floor of lewis house. not to be confused with the fraternity L3F, although some skells are apart of said fraternity.
Look at all those skells getting drunk on Tuesday nights....what the fuck is wrong with them...
by newyorkfretbarholocoust December 11, 2010
A unpleasant street dweller. A homeless drug addict that steals or lurks around trying to find anything to sell for some crack. A term coined in the back yard off of 4th bye some real funny people i know.
Shit baby some fucking skell stole my bike lastnight.
by YEHO August 26, 2005
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