A sickly skinny woman that resembles skeletor from He-Man, who is extremely promiscuous. activities often involve
-drinking semen by the bucketload
-getting fingercuffed (if really drunk, might even be airtight)
-talking about loving testicles
-vomiting after eating
-hanging out at bars til last call b/c that is the only time a guy would even consider fucking her
hey man, give me another shot. i am going to see if that skelewhore in the corner wants to get fingercuffed by me and frank
by tommy the impaler April 21, 2010
Top Definition
Ann Coulter.

A vile lying facist nazi party doll anorexic piglet that will do anything to get attention even make herself look like a complete fool 24/7.
Daivd Letterman show reported that Bill Clinton IS gay but only when it comes to evil crazy bitches(like Ann Coulter). To explain why he wasn't hitting on her bony ass... only rednecks and neocons like that disgusting SKELEWHORE.
by monkiki July 29, 2006
A bitch that is anorexic thin.. skinny as hell.. looks like a whore. Skelewhore.
That bitch looks like "skelewhore" Is she on Meth or Crack? Does she have aids? she is one missed meal away from famine!
by SadisiticKitten May 17, 2013

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