A Gross touchy feely Older Man That tries to hook up with younger women.
"Ewww That Skeksie over there was hitting on me hard core!"
by Jupinoops April 21, 2008
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1) Large, anorexic, prehistoric-looking birds which try to prevent the Gelflings from replacing the crystal shard in the "Dark Crystal." Written and directed by Jim Henson in 1982.

2) a friend/foe which you currently do not like very much.

3) when combined with "-smurfer," one creates a euphemism for "mother-fucker."
1) " 'You know what I think? Skeksis scatter them all over place so right one don't get found.' "--From "Dark Crystal"

2) Austin is being such a skeksis bitch!

3) God!!! What a skeksis-smurfer!
by D. Shuman January 09, 2008

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