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Used to describe a girl who is skeezy beyond doubt; translated more appropriately, she is "skeezy for sure." She is both a skank and sleezy and knows it, but she wants people to think otherwise. However, she is too much of a bimbo to hide her skeez forever. This type of girl typically ranges in age from 21-29 and can be found frequenting bars and clubs. She is a rare breed, because at first glance and upon first talking to her, you may think she is a nice, caring, "girl-next-door" type, but later you may discover something -- such as a tramp stamp or the fact that she has a douce bag boyfriend -- which makes her skeezy fo' sheezy.
Last night at Keagan's my buddy and I thought we met some nice girls, but they turned out to be skeezy fo' sheezy.
by MP537 March 05, 2007
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