To be acting in an awkward and disrespectful fashion.
"He was skeezin(g) the other day"
by UMDStudent88 October 10, 2009
Top Definition
doing the nasty
"MCA's in the back cause he's skeezin' with a whore..."

- Beastie Boys ( No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn)
by lucky January 22, 2004
A word combining skiing and steezy, steezyness and being steezy all in one definition/word. Skiing to be done with style and ease.

For even more effect on skeezing, go skiing without poles.

Or even more awesomeness to the word, and buttery with your sentence.

Tom Wallisch = Skier of skeezing. 'Nuff said broskis.
Dude lets go do some skeezing up at park city and do some buttery skeezy switch lincolns." "Fo sho broski, no poles though.
by Thebroskihoski March 08, 2011
asking someone out without knowing them very well, scaring Jade, being a perverted creep.
Dylan, stay away from me ur skeezing me out!
by Jade December 13, 2003
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