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Making contact with members of the opposite sex in hopes of having sex
"Look at Shaun over there skeezin on that ho at the bar."
by BigD July 23, 2003
The act of being a creepy bastard but remaining baller.
That guy over there is Skeezin' hard
by Jacheoreally April 27, 2010
When a skeeza is going out in the world to get some ass. A relentless attempt to talk to any and all guys until one takes her home for the night and gives her the pipe.

Skeezin should only be related to skeezas. When a man is doing the same he is playing the game. Not skeezin.
So, girls ya'll going skeezin tonite or what?

Man that bitch is always skeezin in the club.
by Cha-Say August 10, 2008
being a hussy behind everyone's backs
look at her, skeezin. I see her she so busted.
by neu January 26, 2004
When you are in rotation for smoking cannibus and it is your turn, you take a hit and cough until it is your turn again.
"Did you see Rick last night? He was skeezin!"
by ohh_gay August 16, 2007
To showoff on ski's or a snowboard
*shred's his friends face after launching from a ramp* "Yo man, your skeezin for no reason!"
by shreditup March 16, 2008
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