Top Definition
1. Sketched out, creeped out,
2. Hit-on
I got skeezed on by some old lady.
Dude's skeezin' on your girl!
I'm feelin' kinda skeezed because of Mr. Harrington
by J-Rizzle fo' Shizzle May 23, 2007
Military term (commonly used in the late 1980s) for a service member who skips out of work all the time.
1. While the rest of us were cleaning the barracks for inspection, Private Smith skeezed out again by going to sick call.
by Arnie Schiffer May 11, 2008
to overcome objections and make it happen.
I skeezed those people and now the price is $20 cheaper.
by Evolve Tours November 21, 2007
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