schedules for high school
DUDE, tomorow we have to go to orientation and pick up our skedges.
by Prince Nippolean July 26, 2005
Top Definition
Another word for schedule.
"Let me check the skedge"
"I'll see if I can skedge you in"
by j-allz April 07, 2008
the morbid aroma one can tell by entering the room. the dandruff on ones head is noticeable, with streaks of fine gray hairs as well. often is horny with pimples on the back. to be a skedge is very rare so if you see one, the chances next time will be slim to none
yo skedge
yo man
hows life
by slim henny November 30, 2011
a mate of a mate came up with this one: it defines the smell/residue left between the fingers after playing a girl like a glove puppet. it came up in conversation as we discussed spaff and other ejaculate nouns.
can't really think of an exemple, skedge is what it is.
by jack_1 March 13, 2007
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