(scaz):skatzbag,skatzeroo, skatzarazz - a person usually living in alberta or western canada much used in newfoundland because they are sick of albertans calling them newfs.
your a skatz , you skatzarazz, skatzeroo
by michael finn October 18, 2007
Top Definition
A slang term used instead of 'Goodbye' or 'Cya'. Derived from 'skaddatle' the term is used often around slums and streets.
1. Skatz ya later
2. Fuck, we gotta skatz it
by Mikel June 13, 2004
the guy that my friend and i have an obsession with. he's the guy we wanna marry. basically his initials are s. katz, thus creating the skatz nickname. i want him reallll bad
everytime we see skatz, we get all giggly and point at him...
by smirnoffreb November 15, 2004
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