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a fictional knock-off version of skittles candy that includes nuts and bolts, broken glass and, if your lucky, some dirt.
guy1: o man, lets get some skittles and taste the rainbow!

guy2: i only have 16 cents, lets get some skattles!
by Adam Sandler May 21, 2007
1)a dance
2)any word that starts with s
3)a cool kid
1)flail your arms like you are having a seizure in slo mo
2)skattle the hell up
3)dude i am skattle
by scottdude May 02, 2007
little brown hemispheres of fecal matter resembling skittles brand candy
"Shit, man, I ain't tastin' no rainbow in this here skattle!"

"Don't give me a skattle and tell me iz made by MandM Mars"
by Anthony B Smith November 04, 2007
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