A skater hater is usually someone that hates skateboarders.
Like if they are walking down a hall togethere teachers usually find some reason why they should be in trouble. Or most groups like "preps" don't like skateboarders so they will say things about them when there not around.
Prep-Hey Mark did you see how long the gross skateboarder hair is, looks like he hasnt washed it in a week.

Skateboarder-Dude honestly, stfu, there is nothing wrong with that your just a SKATER HATER.
by Brianna The Gangsttaa. October 16, 2007
Top Definition
Losers that can't skate so they resort to acting tough and beating up skaters , but only when they have a big group of people because they can't fight alone
guy1- Hey did you see those skater haters over ther
guy2- yah they all jumped me when I was alone
by JOE23456789 November 22, 2005
Someone that hates skaters due to them either skating on public property or no skate zones. Also anyone who doesn't like skaters for no particular reason.
The police/government, Store owners, and no skateboard signs.....Dont get me wrong not all of your store owners and cops and security guards are skater haters but most usually, they do.
by XBXGMTAG----->VAsk8smk703 December 21, 2009
A person, usually elderly, who hates skateboarders.
Old guy: Get the fuck away from my lawn
Skater: bro, don't be a skaterhater
by BornyHorny October 16, 2013
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