A Skater Girl is a girl who doesnt give a damn about what others say, she is down to earth, she skate boards, she hangs with the boys (she usually doesnt know that all the boys secretly have a crush on her cuz she is so epically awesome) She Skate Boards, She Shops From Vans, Shes tough, anyone who messes with her, she will kick their A**! She hates being called a tomboy, and she hates Preppies, she will usually have her hair covering one eye, or wear her hair like the scene kids do, or just straight down, She doesnt wear anything tight fitted, and she is not afraid or gasp at swearing, Skater Girls are not afraid of trouble, theyll rant, theyll go on strike, theyll beat ya if ur mean to her, and when they crash the mall and strip the manicans, and beat the guy in the hot dog suit, and theyll just fool around and be bad, WHO CARES!! is basically what they think
Preppy: Eww that Skater Girls is sooo not pink, she is like a girly boy, a tom boy
Skater Girl: What the hell did u just say??
Preppy: nothing DUDE!!
Skater Girl: beats Preppy until she is ugly, even tho she already is
by \/\_ June 14, 2011
A girl that actually skates. She doesn't just wear vans and calls herself "punk rawk" like Avril Lavigne. She's real. She has a passion for skating.
Sk8r gurrl: He was a boy, and she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious.
Skater girl: the hell are you singing, bro?
Sk8r gurrl: avril lavigne...sk8r boii. Imma skater, dude. Just look at me.
*skater girl looks*
Skater girl: Grab ur board and let's see u ollie.
*sk8r gurrl falls*
Skater girl: chicks like you make guys underestimate us. Dumb ass blonde.
by izzy_ollie688 November 13, 2011
I know I'm a boy but I have friends that refer to themselves as "skater girls".

First of all a REAL skater girl won't refer herself as a "skater girl" because they don't want other people to label her. If you do skate and your a girl you have am actual board and you know how to actually do something, not falling off the next 2 seconds. Skater girls won't try to make it a big deal that they skate. If you have an Instagram and you label yourself as a skater girl, your just embarrassing yourself.

A FAKE skater girl will buy a penny board and pretend they skate. They will also like to label themselves as a skater girl.
Real skater girl: hey!, do you wanna go and skate one time?

Fake skater girl: sure when?

Real skater girl: maybe tomorrow! In practicing my backside 180.

Fake skater girl: backside what??

Real skater girl: *walls away ashamed*
by MaxEEE December 26, 2014
A girl that skates, or at least says so, and hangs out with mostly guys.
There isn't enough room for two skater girls here, I challenge you to a skate off, oh screw it, neither of us can skate anyway. We just wear Element tees and skate shoes.
by Liz (The Lizinator) December 22, 2004
a skater girl is a girl that hangs with skater guys but dosent skateboard herself too often. she dresses skater with her DC, Etnies, or Converse and wears Element tees and jackets. some skater girls dont have the best manners either...like they have farting or burping contests with the guys. most guys consider her the friend not too much the girlfriend. there are some girls that try to act skater like they hang with the guys but dont like to get dirty because they might break a nail...and to all the girls like that....F OFF!
Rebecca is so skater but is too uncordinated to skateboard she can barely walk down stairs without falling...wow!

''Can you belive that..she just burped and was proud of it..gosh nasty skater girl.''

''Im so skater...let me try to ride that...OMG! i broke my nail..i dont like being skater anymore''
by uncordinatedsk8r girl September 24, 2005
A girl who only skates or PRETENDS to just to get guys..Basically a poser whore.
Lindsey says shes a skater girl but her manly ass only skates to get Tanner in her dick hole panties
by Explosion September 22, 2006
A bitch who skates. Usually they are arrogant. They thing they are the coolest creatures.They are girls who would reject even Brad Pitt or the coolest guy in the world. They almost NEVER have relationships with skater guys (weird).
Cool guy: (after being friends with her for a long time) I have to say...I love you.
Skater girl: What?! you fatass bitch, how could I love someone like you. I mean your too short for me.
Another guy: blah blah.......... I love you
Skater girl: God dammit! No ur left arm is 0.1 inch longer then your right arm, how could I love you?!?!
by chavsrule June 07, 2006

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