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A skater is someone who rides a skateboard. A skater is not some jackass who wears skinny jeans and Volcom shirts. A skater is a person who does not care if you skate or not. A skater is not an asshole that calls everyone but themselves and their so called "skater friends" "posers". A skater listens to whatever music they feel like. A skater does not listen to Alexisonfire just because every other "skater" does. A skater is generally a laid back and kind person. A skater is not an asshole who has self esteem issues.
Moral of the story is, just because you wear Lakai shoes, skinny jeans, and Volcom shirts, does not automatically mean you are a "skater". More likely than not, you are a bigger "poser" than the people you call "posers".
by Butt Sex United December 13, 2007
someone who skateboads and who always get judged and opressed by townies. but u might want know that we also hate stupid posers who have never stood on a skateboard in their life and and call them selves "sk8ers".
skaters are smart but its just a few stupid twats who make us all look like idiots.
townie: wat u got for me blad
skater: fuck off!!!
townie: u gettin rude blad
skater: wat u gonna do
(townie runs off)

townie: wat u got for me blad
poser: (starts crying) allowit man
/townie jacks his phone...
by skatersrule February 18, 2004
someone who skates not to be confused with a mosher
look at those cool skaters over there they rock
by eddie January 03, 2004
someone who enjoys it like a hobby or fad, thats just not right! A real skater is someone who starts skating because their bored or someone who just likes the feel of skateboarding. if you don't know what skateboarding is, then you must live in nowhere ville. Most people think their druggies or pot heads. Their not, because skating is the greatest high you can ever get. Plus you never crash off that high.
Skater: Hey man, you wanna go skate

man: Umm.... whats that?

skater: You know what, never mind, lets just go back to your house in Nowhere Ville!

man: Umm....yeah, what?
by Skater Scene! March 21, 2008
n. A person who skateboards or rollerblades. That's what I thought a skater was, but apparantly there are certain things associated with it (and I don't even skate). There should be no stereotypes attached to this word, or to any other person for that matter, but sadly, there are.
Billy skateboards, therefore he is a skater.
by KnowledgeSeeker October 31, 2006
1) Someone who can skateboard. Duh.
2) Something stupid townies like to call people because they like rock music and where jeans, hoodies, band tees and converse/vans shoes.
1)"Yes! I finally cracked that nose grab over the bench!!"

2) Person: "Have you heard the knew system of a down song?"
Townie: "Your gay, you listen to bare poor music!"
Townie 2: "Innit!"
by punkrock101 June 13, 2005
someone (usually a guy) who enjoys skateboarding in their free time. not the losers who do it to get girls etc. true skaters are fucking ace people...
fuck, henry is an awesome skater
by who knows March 13, 2005